Controlling the heat of a home

Conservatories and glazed areas are very much en vogue and come in all shapes and sizes.

An important part of a conservatorys design is the ability to control heat efficiently.

It is so important that the Conservation of Fuel and Power building regulations sets out stringent rules to ensure that designs are up to scratch.

4Homes magazine advises that glass is coated with a metal oxide to allow heat and light in, without letting it escape.

"It’s just as important to keep the space cool in summer, otherwise you’ll overheat inside your own mini Eden Project," it recommends.

"The more greenery you have surrounding the structure, the more shade it will get, but if you go too far, you’ll stop the sun from getting through altogether, so be considerate with your landscaping plans."

Glass has become a useful tool in customising the look and feel of a home and the ideas dont end with conservatories.

Skylights, sliding folding doors and lean-to glazed extensions are all good ways of opening up the home, providing extra light and space.