Continental cuisine suggestions made

Fans of food from around Europe can create their very own gastronomic delights with grown in their gardens at home, it has been suggested.

Noting advice from the Royal Horticultural Society, the Daily Telegraphs online gardening pages suggest that Italian food enthusiasts could grow a range produce, including marjoram, basil and flat-leafed parsley as well as the astro variety of tomato and White Venetian asparagus.

French fare fans could well be tempted to produce garlic, baby carrots, leeks, red shallots and – of course – French beans.

Herbes de Provence can be created by growing marjoram, basil, thyme, bay leaves and rosemary, the site suggests.

For those with tastes extended further afield, Thai dishes can be created or supplemented with chillies, coriander and Thai basil.

In related news, Gardeners World presenter and gardening expert Joe Swift recently stated that the sales of seeds for vegetables and fruit are now higher than ornamental plants.