Contaminated manure destroys UK crops

A contaminated batch of manure has been blamed for destroying crops around the UK.

Although initial reaction suggested the manure itself was to blame, it has transpired that the batch has been contaminated with a well known weed killer.

Despite the manure being labelled organic, crops suffered an adverse reaction, thought to be down to the week killer.

The Royal Horticultural Society monitoring the problem and head of horticultural services Guy Barter explained that it was a nationwide problem.

"Weve had reports all over the country from Scotland to the south coast," he said.

"Were talking about scores of allotments up and down the country. Its very widespread.

"Its not surprising because the weed killer is a market leader."

The weed killer in question is thought to be Forefront, which is not considered toxic but can kill plants indiscriminately.

The chemicals found their way into the manure via the digestive tract of cattle, which had been grazing on land on which it had been used.

The product has now been recalled but experts believe that the effects could be felt for years to come.