Containers could be handy for vegetable growers with little space

Those short on gardening space but with a keen desire to grow their own vegetables have been told that strong results can be witnessed through the use of containers.

According to the Baltimore Sun, blogger Kerry Michaels feels that self-watering containers are the answer, although she has previously seen success using old laundry baskets and recyclable grocery bags.

She highlights that getting moisture levels right is the key to container gardening, as the pots can dry out quickly in the hotter temperatures, while plants will become flooded if they are greeted with a heavy downpour.

Ms Michaels added that growing vegetables in containers puts gardeners in more of a controlling position, while there is literally no limit on what can be planted.

She said: "Self-watering changed my life. Containers allow you to control the variables more and that includes the critters.

"You can grow everything but corn in a container. It is amazing how the potatoes taste when you grow them yourself."

Meanwhile, the use of a greenhouse may prove beneficial for those growing plants in pots as it enables people to begin the process earlier in the season.