Container gardening benefits noted

As horticultural enthusiasts ready themselves to introduce summer colour into their green spaces, they will no doubt be preparing plant pots and hanging baskets to adorn their gardens.

Sector commentator Simon Scott writes in the online pages of the Daily Telegraph, noting that such containers allow people to try something different should they feel the urge to try innovative combinations of textures and colours.

He adds that the range of plants suitable for such summer containers – such as urns, vases or bowls – is "wider than ever".

Continuing, Mr Scott suggests that terracotta bowls are suited to all gardens, but look especially effective in cottage green spaces.

He concludes by noting that less conventional containers, such as galvanised cubes, may suit modern properties.

In related news, industry commentator Norman Winter recently wrote in online resource that there are a number of benefits to growing in containers, such as allowing people to look after their environment quickly and easily.