Container gardening advice

American garden and greenhouse enthusiasts who are struggling to grow their potted plants may be interested in advice given by

The online resource published five top tips for container gardening, which growers may find useful even if they are experiencing levels of success.

Firstly, the website explained that using the right kind of soil, or "potting medium", is essential for plants to flourish.

It recommended ProMix as a good place to start and suggested adding a few polymer gels near the bottom of the pot to save the need for watering as often.

Hydration is extremely important for potted plants, but growers should be careful not to add too much H2O, as this can be just as bad as not enough.

A good way to judge is to tap on the side of the container – a hollow sound suggests that it is too dry, while a dull thud may be an indicator of saturation.

Other tips include using the correct plant feeds, proper pruning and knowing when to move plants to a bigger pot – yellow leaves are often a sign that the time is right.

In other news, has suggested that those with small gardens could benefit from growing dwarf plants.