Constant temperature needed for plants

Many plants require a consistent temperature when germinating, it has been noted.

Writing for the Times, Alice Miles notes that room temperature may still be too cold at this time of year.

She adds that propagating chambers may be too hot, leaving the amateur horticulturalist to move their plants in and out of such equipment in order to maintain a level temperature.

"If they require a minimum 16 degrees C at night, then I cannot leave them on the windowsill at this time of year," she observes.

"But in the propagator its too hot and sweaty during daytime."

However, in her greenhouse Ms Miles reveals she has already planted "whale spinach, radishes and a trench of rocket".

Online resource Greenhouse Growing notes that the constant temperature achieved in such a structure can cause soil to dry out more than might otherwise be the case.

Guidance from the information source suggests putting in place an automated irrigation system to keep soil moist overnight.

This could be particularly useful to Ms Miles in light of her assertion that she is not present to water her plants on a daily basis.