Conservatory window is better than telly

Janet Street-Porter has revealed she would rather spend time gazing out of her conservatory window than watching her television.

In an article for the Independent, she reports that, a month ago, "something miraculous" happened.

The event in question occurred when she erected a bird table in her garden which was visible through her conservatory window.

Ms Street-Porter explains she has since developed a love of bird-watching and has identified a number of different species visiting her garden.

"I never thought I had anything in common with Bill Oddie," the writer and broadcaster comments.

Meanwhile, she adds her disappointment that the new hobby emerged too late for her to take part in the UKs biggest ever survey of bird-lovers.

Some 30,000 respondents are taking part in the Bird Atlas scheme, she writes, which aims to establish the distribution of species across the nation.

Those contributing to the survey can do so by counting birds in a specified area or by filling in a "Roving Record", which could be the ideal option for anyone hoping to report the view from their conservatory window.