Conservatory planning should be meticulous

Homeowners planning to have a conservatory built on their property should ensure they have considered all the pros and cons before deciding on their favourite design.

It was recently stated that such an improvement could boost the value of a house beyond what was paid for the glazed extension.

However, Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine editor Jason Orme explained people should take care when choosing a manufacturer and design, as some could have problems with overheating in summer and under-heating in winter.

The expert added these issues are avoidable and said even those who do experience them can deal with them through the use of modern technology.

"It is a question of how big the conservatory is and how they may have extended the house in the past," Mr Orme said.

He suggested under floor heating and air conditioning were just two options that could help homeowners gain more control over their in-conservatory climate.

Meanwhile, recently claimed the cost of a bespoke conservatory would be covered by increases in property value within five years.