Conservatory owners urged to check insurance details

Brits who have invested in a conservatory to make the most of their garden during the warmer months have been advised to make sure their home insurance covers their outdoor items.

A number of companies, including Saga and Halifax, have warned outdoor areas are targeted by thieves and vandals more during the summer months.

The latest warning came from Cheshire Building Society, which explained people should check their documents to ensure garden furniture, plants and equipment are included.

Product manager Karen Torson suggested many homeowners just assume their green space is covered.

"This isnt always the case and it can leave people feeling hugely let down by their insurance providers if their claim is not met in full or, worse still, declined," she said.

Ms Torson added homeowners would be able to enjoy the summer better knowing their belongings will be replaced if stolen.

People who invest in a conservatory may also wish to inform their insurance provider to ensure it is covered.