Conservatory given new lease of life thanks to TV show

A TV show could give a Bracknell couples conservatory a new lease of life after it rid them of their junk in exchange for cash.

Tim Bastock and Kim Halliday were hoping to raise enough money to redecorate their conservatory, which has become neglected, by appearing on UKTV Styles Gutted!, according to

Mr Bastock told the news provider that the conservatory had become clogged with junk but that he hoped appearing on the show would change all that.

"Our conservatory has been a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff but this TV programme has since come and completely gutted it," he said.

The programme asks homeowners to make a mental list of all the possessions they wish to keep from their home and then proceeds to auction off anything that is not on the list.

At the end of the show, participants can choose between keeping the money or going back to square one with all their possessions.

Other popular programmes on UKTV Style include Cash in the Attic, Changing Rooms and Homes under the Hammer.