Conservatory documentation useful for sellers

An expert in moving home has advised anyone about to invest in a conservatory to keep any documents relating to it in order to assist them if ever they come to sell their home.

Jon Rollinson is general manager of removals firm GB Liners and suggests that homeowners keep all paperwork relating to the property together so that they can present it to potential buyers as part of an information pack when selling.

"Compile a professional-looking file containing all house documentation," he said.

"Things like warranties on double glazing, conservatories or porches; proof of works or invoices for things like roofing or re-painting; service agreements for boilers [or] heating systems."

Other gems of advice for sellers include presenting the property in its best condition by de-cluttering and putting in some hours to research estate agents to go with the one which suits best.

Mr Rollinson believes buyer confidence will be boosted by having a transparent information pack available.

Conservatory owners will have been enjoying the Christmas card scenes in their gardens following the recent snowfall.