Conservatory can be like a winter garden

Those with a love for gardening will be starting to feel the familiar pangs of sadness as autumn brings colder weather and less opportunity to enjoy the garden.

But conservatory owners can help bring the outdoors inside by decorating their glazed extension with plants.

Taking advantage of the shelter and heat offered by the conservatory, gardeners can brighten up their home and continue their much-loved pastime by bringing their favourite plants indoors for the winter.

The Times suggests packing a conservatory full of palms, orchids, jasmine and rhododendrons is the perfect way to create a winter oasis.

Aspidistra, otherwise known as the cast-iron plant, are great conservatory plants with "extremely handsome" foliage and "weird ground-level flowers", according to the paper.

One note of caution for those choosing to keep plants in the conservatory – the heat must be regulated as the summer months return, otherwise plants may struggle to cope and welt.