Conservatory boost could see sellers make profit in 2009

A property expert has predicted that the housing market could bounce back in 2009, meaning those who have invested in a big improvement such as a conservatory could end up making a good return on their home if they choose to sell.

National Association of Estate Agents chief executive Peter Bolton King explained that the next year could see a reversal in fortunes for the housing market, given the proper conditions.

He said the government and lenders would have to support new buyers but that the housing slump, which has seen prices in some areas drop by 20 per cent, could soon be at an end.

"We havent seen that kind of fall, in such a short period of time, ever before," he said.

"However it is also clear that parts of the market are perhaps beginning to bottom out, and it seems possible to me that once the recovery begins we could see a bounce as pronounced as the fall.

"Some people are beginning to cotton on to this – which is why our members are starting to see inquiries increase again, as people begin to believe they can find a bargain."

Those who have added to the value of their home by building a conservatory could see the benefits in the New Year if Mr Bolton Kings prediction comes to pass.