Conservatory advice from

Advice website has been advising its readers on what to consider when buying a conservatory.

Top of the websites list is calculating how much internal floor space a conservatory will give rather than the external dimensions – doing so will give a more accurate picture of how much space the conservatory will add to the home.

Another good piece of advice offered is to bear in mind that cheapest isnt always best – paying slightly more for the conservatory can mean a much better service and a higher quality end product.

It also recommends respecting the more reputable suppliers by not trying to drive their prices down.

"When obtaining quotations do not try and beat every supplier into the ground," it says.

"Most of the better companies will not wish to trade in this way – only the less professional will usually have the flexibility.

"We are not suggesting that you dont negotiate. What we are suggesting is that you negotiate fairly. Make a detailed list of the features you must have and ask each company to give their best price."

Included in the advice, the website recommends homeowners buy the best conservatory they can afford because doing so will give years of satisfaction.

A full list of the advice is available on the website.