Conservatories: Year-round rooms

Conservatories provide a space for a wide range of pursuits and can be used at any time of the year, an industry commentator has asserted.

Writing in online resource, Antonia OKeeffe states that there is a design to suit every taste, from Victorian pavilion structures to modern lean-tos for urban properties.

She suggests that the installation of high-quality ventilation and insulation means that conservatories can be used throughout the year, adding both comfort and monetary value to a property.

Potential uses for the glazed structures range from breakfast and games rooms to office spaces and art studios, Ms OKeeffe states.

"Remember to choose the aspect carefully – south-facing is ideal, but ventilation will be an issue in summer. North-facing is great for sunny breakfasts, but in winter youll have to turn up the heat," she concludes.

Meanwhile, the editor of Which? Money recently told the Manchester Evening News that increasing the amount of living space in a home is the best way to add value to a property.