Conservatories can make a "big difference" to homes

A well-fitted, high-quality conservatory can make a big difference to a property, it has been suggested.

Financial services provider the Thrifty Scot suggests that they can be used throughout the year and also provide additional living space.

"You can enjoy relaxing in there in the summer and watch the beauty of winter from your own glass room," the site notes.

People thinking of investing in a conservatory could also be tempted to do so from a long-term investment perspective.

It is suggested that such a structure could act as a selling point and also increase the value of a property.

The site concludes by noting that kitchen extensions could also help to add value to a home as well as providing a new feel and look in the near term.

Meanwhile, general manager at glass manufacturer CGI International Phill Willward recently told Glass On Web that the material is likely to remain a popular design feature in future.