Composting can help offset environmental damage

Home composting has been identified today as a key way in which gardeners can help to keep their garden environmentally sound.

The Salisbury Journal has reported on a renewed campaign from a number of organisations hoping to encourage more composting by local homeowners.

The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Wiltshire Waste Partnership and Recycle Now are all hoping to highlight the benefits of composting for those looking for a flourishing flowerbed or bumper vegetable crop later on this year.

A scheme which offers not only tips and advice but also cheaper composting bins, the project saw nearly 7,000 modules sold to residents during 2007.

Installed next to a greenhouse or elsewhere in a garden, a composting bin can help to provide nutrient-rich soil to help current plants grow, the publication reports.

Recently, Julia Roberts indicated her support of the drive for increased composting by stating that it helped her to alleviate concerns about throwing food away.