Composting Association to change name

As of August 1st, the Composting Association will be no more.

The organisation is changing its name to the Association for Organics Recycling as part of an overall re-branding.

The changes come amid the evolution of the waste management industry and are part of an effort to reinforce the organisations status as the UKs leading waste management awareness group.

Chairman Peter Mills said that the organisation is adapting to changes in the industry.

"The waste management industry is currently experiencing growth and investment on an unprecedented scale," he said.

"It is therefore crucial that the biological treatment sector establishes its role in the evolution of the sector and ensures that the industry maintains a dynamic and professional appearance in order to attract the investment required to move forwards.

"I feel that the evolution (or broadening) of the Composting Association into the Association for Organics Recycling will be pivotal in the achievement of this."

The Association will continue to encourage and advise gardeners on composting issues.