Environmentally-conscious gardeners should be aware that composting can be "strangely addictive", it has been noted.

Industry commentator Jane Perrone makes her comments in the Guardians online environmental pages as Compost Awareness Week begins.

She explains that the seven-day period provides the perfect opportunity for people to turn their mind to composting, noting that the most popular choice is probably a simple bin made of either wood or plastic.

However, Ms Perrone suggests that there are a number of other options available, including wormeries, food waste digesters and bokashi.

Bokashi, she explains, involves sprinkling bran that contains a special mixture of micro-organisms, including fungi, bacteria and yeast, on top of waste to break it down.

Online resource Recycle Now suggests that the best site for a compost bin is a level, well-drained spot as this will allow excess water to drain away.

It also suggests that placing such a bin in a partially sunny space will help to speed up the process.