Compost offers peace of mind to Roberts

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has revealed that composting has freed her from daily distress about her impact on the environment.

She made the assertion in an interview with television presenter Oprah Winfrey, reports the World Entertainment News Network.

The actress followed up her claims by taking part in a sequence which saw her tip 200 worms into a container.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, thousands of British households already use worms to help with their composting.

People hoping to emulate Roberts might wish to look into adopting some worms as part of their own home composting setup.

They could also find a little peace of mind, in light of the comments made by the actress.

She told Oprah: "Once you have three kids the amount of food that goes into your garbage can starts to just…

"I just cry and scrape plates and think, How can I be doing this?."

But she added that composting in her back garden has helped to dispel her concerns about the impact on the environment of discarding food waste.