Home Composting

Home composting is a way of producing a free, nutrient-rich fertiliser for gardens, it has been asserted.

Local authority Rochdale borough council suggests that it also provides the opportunity to tackle climate change, noting that when organic waste is put in a bin bag and sent to landfill it produces methane – a greenhouse gas – as it decomposes.

By recycling such waste at home in a composting bin, not only can horticultural enthusiasts do their bit for the planet, they can also obtain a product that can be used to keep a garden looking "fantastic".

"Home composting is still one of the best ways to help the environment on a daily basis and is something that can be quickly incorporated into your regular kitchen and garden habits," comments Andy Shaw, recycling manager for the local authority.

Meanwhile, online resource Recycle Now suggests that the best spot for a composting bin is a well-drained, level area as this can allow excess moisture to drain away.