Complete basic greenhouse chores this week, expert says

Gardeners should get into their greenhouse and knock off some basic chores over the coming week, an expert has suggested.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Helen Yemm made a number of suggestions.

She urged greenhouse owners to "wash glass, tidy over-wintering plants, clean pots and trays and buy fresh seed compost".

Other tasks for the next seven days recommended by Ms Yemm included turning over rough ground in the allotment and removing the roots of perennial weeds.

Meanwhile, it can also be beneficial to cut back pansies, as well as pulling away old leaves on pulmonarias and primroses, she stated.

Finally, the expert urged all horticultural enthusiasts to get down to their local garden centre, where there are "all sorts of interesting summer-flowering bulbs and tubers".

Earlier this week, Ms Yemm remarked that cracked pots should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the plants get time to settle before the weather warms up.