Community greenhouse project in need of funding

A gardening project that helped to build a greenhouse in a Bosnian community ravaged by civil war is in dire need of extra funding.

At a safe house for people with nowhere else to go in Doboj, the Community Gardens Association (CGA) constructed a greenhouse to allow residents to grow crops, the Ecologist reports.

One of the residents, Jovica, sat quietly while it was being built, but came to life on its completion, eventually running it for the other residents.

"He’s been completely transformed," said Vesna Malenica from the CGA. "The greenhouse is his escape and plants have replaced radios. He’s even started cooking for other residents."

The greenhouse has also had a positive effect on other people there, but more funding is needed to ensure its survival, after the CGA’s funding was completely severed, even though it was only established last year.

Ms Malenica said it is hard to explain to the people she is working with what is happening, but she will not give up.