Colin Evans gives advice on roses

Colin Evans has been extolling the virtues of roses on the BBC website this month.

He said his favourites are Rosa "Munstead Wood", a crimson flower with a fruity fragrance, and "Skylark", a pink flower with a clove and appley fragrance.

He suggests planting the Skylark in a mixed bed and explains that the key to growing roses successfully is patience as it can take two or three attempts to achieve the desired effect.

For those who have poor soil in their garden, Mr Evans suggests the best option would be a variety of Elderberry.

"Sambucus nigra Black Lace is a new variation," he said.

"It has won much acclaim over the last three years.

"This is because it looks good in most positions; it will fill a space and blend in very well with most borders."

This particular variety has dark purple stems, with small white flowers in summer.

All in all though, he says if one thing doesnt work then try something different and persevere until you succeed.