Coldframes a viable alternative to larger greenhouses

Many people come to the assumption that every growing season has a particular beginning and an end. However, the fact of the matter is, with utilizing some of Gabriel Ashes cold frames you can actually begin to start planting and harvesting your plants even when frost begins to threaten.

With a simple cold frame from Gabriel Ash you can extend your growing season by an extra month or more in other climates. Some people have reported that they have even been able to grow their plants and vegetables throughout the winter without having to worry about the plants dying.

Cold frames are actually being seen as the perfect places to acclimate a lot of the fruits and vegetables that you plan on growing. Tomatoes as well as different peppers are being gradually acclimated to outside conditions with the utilization of the cold frames.
A cold frame from Gabriel Ash is actually nothing more than four walls that are able to trap a certain amount of heat in order to shelter plants from harsh weather conditions. The frame has a lid that is completely transparent that allows light to be applied to the plants that are being harbored inside to enhance their chances of growing.

The cold frames are being made with a wide variety of different types of material. Some frames may consist of plywood, while others contain a Plexiglas shelter. Gabriel Ash makes both of these types of frames to fit your specifications.
In order to utilize a cold frame successfully you need to consistently pay attention to the inside temperature of the barrier. The trick to keeping your plants and vegetables alive during harsh weather conditions is to keep the temperature set at a cool temperature opposed to a warmer temperature which could cause weltering.

The temperature inside your cold frame should consistently remain below 75 degrees if you are growing plants that thrive in the summer and below 60 degrees if you are growing plants that you would normally find around the fall or spring. The best way to assure that your plants are always kept at the correct temperatures is to insure that the lid of your cold frame is on the structure snuggly enough as to not let any outside temperatures affect your plants.

A Gabriel Ash cold frame will assure that your plants and vegetables are consistently kept at their designated temperatures, in a means to allow them to flourish to your desired specifications.

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