Climate change makes Mediterranean garden achievable

Brits can now enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean garden in the UK, according to a celebrity grower.

TV personality Monty Don was writing for the Daily Mail when he stated climate change has made it possible to alter the contents of your green space to something more exotic.

He suggested the warmer, drier weather that environmental adjustments will bring should make it easier to grow less thirsty plants.

The erratic rainfall means garden and greenhouse lovers may have to introduce plants that can deal with periods of drought, Don explained.

According to the former TV presenter, he created a dry garden in the grounds of his Hertfordshire home, despite having to create it from scratch in an area with poor soil.

This was done by adding as much nourishment as possible to the earth, which allowed the new plants to flourish, Don revealed.

Growers should aim to create an arrangement that requires little or no maintenance after planting, he stated.

Monty Don is a former Gardeners World presenter and has revealed how horticulture helped him deal with a minor stroke, as well as seasonal affective disorder.