Clear the pond in March

Gardening enthusiasts should clear their ponds of debris as temperatures begin to rise in March.

Online resource Doctor Greenfingers explains that dead fallen leaves can easily accumulate in such water features, adding that overcrowded water lilies should also be removed, split, divided and re-potted.

Elsewhere in the garden, the site notes that rubbish can easily collect in borders and this should be removed and that soil should be turned, while avoiding new spring flowering bulbs.

Horticulturalists are also advised to prune back large-flowered clematis, roses and early-flowering shrubs as well as taking cuttings from dahlias and outdoor chrysanthemums.

Finally, the resource suggests moving any shrubs, trees or perennials that gardeners wish to place elsewhere in the garden at this point in the year.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society reminds gardeners that the weather in March is variable with conditions changing on an almost daily basis, suggesting that a maximum-minimum thermometer could be a wise investment for plant-lovers.