City workers turning to gardening

The Daily Telegraph has noted a trend in the choices made by bankers and financial experts who have lost their jobs in the aftermath of the credit crunch.

According to the newspaper, the newly unemployed have shunned re-training in traditional trades such as plumbing – a big favourite during the last recession – and taken up gardening instead.

Yes, the former fat cats have shown that they are still financially savvy and are choosing the "good life" by growing their own food in their gardens and greenhouses.

Demand from corporate executives is so high that Capel Manor College is putting on extra Royal Horticultural Society classes in January.

Chief executive Steve Dowbigging told the newspaper that gardenings popularity is making it an attractive option as the City sheds jobs.

"We had an open day at the weekend and there were a number of people from the City here looking at prospective careers either because they are worried about being made redundant or have been made redundant," he explained.

"And five or six partners of people who are not working have decided to set up in a business because they are worried about their partners futures.

"They want to get back into work as security in case of redundancy in the family."

City slickers looking to get into gardening may wish to invest in a quality greenhouse to help them grow a full complement of fruit and veg.