City offers water discount for green gardening

A US city is boosting its eco credentials by offering residents financial assistance in return for installing green gardening systems.

Spokane, Washington, is to give residents up to $375 off their water bills if they upgrade their automatic sprinkler system to one with smart controls that carefully prevent over or under watering.

The technology detects exactly how much hydration is required, meaning that no water is wasted during the hot summer months, reported.

New units must have an evapotranspiration controller with either a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor, while existing systems require a conservation controller, evapotranspiration controller and soil moisture sensor.

According to the online resource, the city is keen to make its water management processes more sustainable and hopes to involve everyone from residents up to the Water Department.

Those residents who are interested in the scheme have been told to get in contact with the City of Spokane Water Stewardship coordinator.

In other news, the Aurora Advocate has revealed that Ohio residents will soon be able to attend an event hosted by the Portage County Master Gardeners.