City dwellers can grow food too

Having a large garden and greenhouse can be good for growing fruit and vegetables, but even those with limited space should be able to produce their own food.

Horticulture expert Charlie Dimmock recently told that city dwellers need not miss out on the trend for cultivating food at home.

Speaking during Urban Gardens Week, the TV Star pointed to research showing that around half of Brits in towns and cities are keen to get their green fingers dirty.

Balconies, roof terraces and any other small outdoor spaces can be put to good use, with the added benefit of helping the environment from an ecological and aesthetic point of view, Dimmock explained.

"While many people think making any major difference will cost a lot of money, be difficult or will take a lot of time, it doesnt need to be like this," she said.

The expert added that Urban Gardens week is aimed at highlighting how easy it is to get started and suggested small things like growing herbs in a window box or building a compost bin can be good ways to begin.

Meanwhile, the Royal Horticultural Society is promoting its Britain in Bloom contest by organising a "river of green" that will see a combined area the size of 115 Hyde Parks planted with new saplings.