Christmas trees recycled to protect costal environment

Every year, thousands of Christmas trees are thrown away in the UK, leading to concerns over the environmental impact of having a real tree.

However, costal rangers in East Sussex have come up with a way in which discarded trees can continue to help the environment.

According to Horticulture week, the authorities are using the evergreens to prevent flooding and wind erosion on costal dunes by laying the trees horizontally across the sand.

This stops the sand from being blown away by the strong costal winds, protecting local species such as sand dart and shore waistcoat.

Locals were asked to bring their spruce and fir trees to Camber Sands so that volunteers could use them to help protect the dunes.

In other horticulture news the Royal Parks Guild recently took on ten new apprentices including a former city worker and chef.

It is hoped the new apprentices will progress to become park managers in the future.