Christmas trees create "beautiful" top soil

Christmas trees are being put to good use in one US city by being composted to create "beautiful" top soil.

Balbonis Landscaping is collecting trees from local residents in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in exchange for offering discounts on mulch and top soil.

Deb Balboni suggested to WCVB Boston that her company were achieving some rather special results.

She explained: "From that basic concept, were really giving back to the environment.

"We are making some beautiful, dark, rich mulches, topsoils and compost, keeping these trees out of landfill situations and giving back to the environment."

Meanwhile a group of boy scouts in Natchez are helping to recycle Christmas trees in their home town, reports the Natchez Democrat.

Boy Scout Troop 168 scoutmaster, Ricky Warren, told the newspaper that it was a "good opportunity for us to get to work with the community" and fitted in with the scouts endorsement of thrift.