Christmas holiday gardening tips

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been advised that while their domain is likely to take care of itself over the Christmas holidays, there are still things they could be doing to give themselves a head start in the new year.

According to the Times, horticulture can be a welcome distraction from festive preparations and celebrations, which can often be stressful if you are trying to organise everything.

One of the first things a gardener should do is prune their wisteria and rose bushes if they have any, the newspaper said.

This should ensure that the plants bear plenty of flowers and do not start to take over space designated for other species.

Those planning to take on a large-scale planting of hedges, shrubs and trees can also save a great deal of money by investing in bare-root specimens, rather than ready-grown varieties that come in containers and can be planted straight into the ground.

When the roots arrive, they should be soaked in water before being planted with compost in a prepared site.

Meanwhile, a group of Worcestershire youths have founded their own Dig and Grow Club – a gardening and greenhouse-focused society – the Evesham Journal revealed.