Choosing the right type of plants for your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Gabriel Ash’s stunning range of greenhouses are designed to provide you with everything you need to help your plants thrive. Adding a Gabriel Ash greenhouse to your garden will give you the chance to grow a selection of your favourite plants all year round. For a good quality and attractive design for your garden, you may wish to consider a Gabriel Ash cedar wood greenhouse, which offers a longer lasting design and a beautiful structure for your garden.

A greenhouse is the perfect option for those who wish to grow a variety of plants, but there are certain types of plants that are more suited to a greenhouse environment than others, so it is important that you research whatever type of plant you are planning to grow. This will help you to recognise what your plants need to help them thrive.

Fruit and vegetables are the most popular plants to grow in a greenhouse. Cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes are all suitable for greenhouses. Growing a variety of your own fruit and vegetables will provide you with a number of benefits, particularly if you grow them organically. If you are new to gardening, then cucumbers and tomatoes are the best choice, as they are easy to grow.

Once you have experimented with easy plants, you may wish to move onto other types. If you wish to continue growing your own fruit and vegetables, then you may wish to consider growing raspberries or blackberries, which are well suited to a greenhouse environment. Certain types of fruit, such as melon, can be difficult to grow, so you may wish to research any types that you are unfamiliar with so that you can properly care for them.

Growing a variety of other plants in your greenhouse can also be rewarding. If you wish to have a go at growing something more challenging then exotic plants are a great choice. Exotic plants are well suited to a greenhouse environment and look stunning in the summer.

Whatever plants you decide to grow, you will need to provide them with plenty of care and attention. Fruit and vegetables will need to be watered regularly. Exotic plants require less attention, but still need to be watered in moderation and provided with just the right amount of heat and light to help them thrive. If your plants require extra heating or lighting then you may wish to consider installing some and if your greenhouse is becoming cluttered then adding extra staging will provide your plants with extra space to grow.

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