Choosing the right greenhouse for a smaller garden with Gabriel Ash

Gabriel Ash offer a fantastic range of greenhouses that are ideal for those with limited garden space. From stunning lean-to greenhouses to beautiful small glasshouses, Gabriel Ash offers everything you need to ensure that your greenhouse fits your garden perfectly. These spectacular greenhouses can also be made to your requirements, giving you the chance to create a structure that is exactly right for your garden.

Lean-to greenhouses are the perfect choice for those who need a smaller design for their garden. This type of greenhouse is attached to a wall and ideal for those who need plenty of space for the rest of their garden. There are a wide variety of lean-to greenhouses available, which come with a selection of features to ensure that your plants remain at their best. Lean-to greenhouse can also be adjusted to the exact size that you require for your garden.

If your garden space is very limited, then you may wish to consider other options for storing your plants, such as cold frames. Cold frames are available as part of a greenhouse or separately and come in a variety of sizes. They are the best option for anyone wishing to grow great quality tomatoes or other types of fruit and vegetables. Some styles are available with great features such as cedar wood and safety glass, making your garden much safer and healthier.

Another great choice for those with a small garden is a patio glasshouse. This design is available as a free standing structure and is designed to provide your plants with plenty of ventilation. Patio glasshouses are an attractive addition to any garden and come with a hinged lid, allowing you to easily care for your plants and provide them with plenty of ventilation. These structures are also affordable and very easy to assemble.

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