Choosing conservatory flooring

A new conservatory can be the stylish addition that completes a home, but thought should be given to aspects other than simply the design and position of the glazed extension.

Price sharing website WhatPrice has been looking at the different types of flooring available to those considering a conservatory.

Flooring should be chosen to compliment the design of the conservatory, while practical considerations should also be made, according to the website.

"All stone floor types can have that wow factor and either look rustic or elegant," it suggests.

"The choice is down to cost and what the surrounding decor (wall colour, furnishings, etc) will take in terms of tile colour.

"Unless you have loads of time or are proficient at laying tiles properly then consider getting a professional in to do the work."

Other options include hardwood, laminate, carpets, tiling and even heated flooring.