Chihuly talks conservatories

Renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly has been talking about his love for conservatories ahead of the opening of his exhibition at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

The 67-year-old was explained to AZ Central about got involved in glass art, explaining that from the moment he first discovered how to mould the material he was hooked.

It was down to the efforts of another that Chihuly began exhibiting in gardens, as he explained to the website.

"Ive always loved conservatories and greenhouses. I think a lot of people do," he said.

"I was visiting Chicago about ten years ago, talking with someone about the conservatory there in Garfield Park. God, Id love to have a show there, I said."

After telling his associate that it would take at least $300,000 to stage the event, the man surprised Chihuly by going away and raising the money.

While the average homeowner cant hope to have the work of Chihuly in their property, they can invest in a bespoke artwork of their own in a lean-to conservatory.

Lean-tos can add space and light to a home, with modern techniques meaning they insulate the property which leads to savings on heating.

Chihuly recently exhibited his work at the Seymour Conservatory in Tacoma.