Cherry Expensive

Cherry Glamour, the world’s most expensive brand of cherries has been launched from its base in Lleida in Spain.

The project began as an experiment in 2002, growing cherries in 50000m squared greenhouses in the March and April period – traditionally the “down season” for cherry production, with the brand now recognised as the most expensive and luxurious on the market.

This year the company forecast to produce 75000 kilos of cherries with prices ranging from 20 Euros per kilo for the smallest size to an eye watering 110 Euros for the largest sizes.

Oscar Ortiz, commercial direct for Cherry Glamour outlines the company’s vision;

“The goal for our engineers and researchers is to make it our most exclusive cherry, not only for its timing, but also for its taste. It is a topic that has us very excited because we think our customers will be pleasantly surprised when they taste them.”

The company normally focuses on the Russian, UK, Middle East and Far East markets, but is planning to expand into North America.

The first batches were sent out this week to Russia, which accounts for 70% of Cherry Glamour’s market, and are already available on the supermarket shelves

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