Charlie Dimmock helps to transform garden

Ex-Ground Force presenter Charlie Dimmock has helped a writer for the Times to transform his garden.

Some people choose a bespoke conservatory or pool house to really change their space but Damian Whitworths urban area needed a makeover.

He wanted something easy to maintain that would provide a space for his childrens playhouse, as well as a shed.

"I come home from work to discover a great outdoor room attached to the back of my house," he explained.

A lawn was laid as well as some wood chips, with a white picket fence separating the kids area of the garden from the rest.

However, Dimmock gave some advice to those who like to refresh their outdoor space.

"Dont always work in it," she said. "Do make sure that you actually appreciate your garden."

People who want to change the look of their property might also be inspired by a recent home that went on the market.

The house comes with a conservatory, which was singled out as an ideal place to relax and admire the grounds.