Charity looks to garden and greenhouse owners for help

A Bath-based mental health charity is looking to help its patients by renovating the Georgian garden at its site in Weston Village.

According to BBC News, Mulberry House is run by national homeless charity St Mungo’s and provides accommodation for 13 people with mental health issues.

It has asked garden and greenhouse fans to donate equipment, plants and seeds to help it clear the bramble-ridden site and allow the residents to join together in a worthwhile project.

Spokeswoman Ruby Jennings explained that the charity will happily accept spades, forks, wellies and other gardening equipment.

"With plenty of hard work and some much-needed equipment this beautiful, south-facing garden can be restored to its former glory," she said.

"The garden will provide not only a source of fresh, sustainably-produced, healthy food for people living here but also a fantastic opportunity for residents."

In other news, PlantforLife’s Sensory Challenge is giving kids the chance to win a garden for their school, Education Executive has reported.