Change the fabric of your home with glass

Despite glass conservatories attracting a less sophisticated image in recent years, the fashionable feel of glass in building work is returning.

Established by the Victorians and Georgians as a symbol of elegance, glass conservatories are making a comeback, especially in more rural areas where incomes are higher. Technical innovations in glass building and structure are part of the reason for the resurgence, as is the fact that glass structures can make a bold but unobtrusive addition to listed buildings.

Michael Trentham, of Michael Trentham Architects in Bermondsey, tells Cally Law at "Often, you are only allowed to extend the basement of a listed building to create a contemporary living space, and its great to have a structural glass conservatory at the back to bring in light and give uninterrupted views of the garden."

Solar controlled glass and silicone technology mean that glass as a building material is far more flexible than it used to be, and installation costs for different designs can meet most budgets, from £15,000 up to £120,000.

Homeowners are advised to look for reputable installers and a good guarantee on installations.