Celebrity gardener offers advice over drought

Celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock has offered gardeners tips on how to tackle drought. From Thursday 5th April, 20 million people in the south and east of England will be affected by the hosepipe ban. This may cause difficulties for gardeners, with Easter being a popular time for the outdoor hobby.

Dimmock suggested gardeners should choose drought resistant plants such as lavender and bergenia before the ban is put into action.

She advised gardeners to water plants in the morning or evening so that less water evaporates and more goes into the plants.

The gardening expert also told gardeners not to worry about lawns turning brown, as they will recover when it rains, or well-established plants, which can use their own roots to find water.

“It’s been one of the driest two-year periods on record and we have to make sure we all work together to enjoy our gardens, but also to be responsible and considerate,” Dimmock said.

“If you plan your drought garden you can get as much enjoyment out of tending plants which are better equipped to deal with a drier soil, like lavender and bergenia.”