Cats a menace to gardens

While cats are – for the most part – cute, cuddly and affectionate, they can pose all sorts of problems for green spaces, sector commentator Matthew Wilson suggests.

Mr Wilson makes his comments in the online pages of the Telegraph, suggesting that his own cat has played havoc in his garden.

"Flowers were vulnerable to his abuses, with allium heads clipped from their stems with a well-aimed biff of the paw and Stipa tenuissima used as a cross between a maypole and a trampoline," he states.

Mr Wilson also notes that garden visitors such as bees and butterflies were also victims of the cats wrath.

People eager to ensure that their gardens remain feline-free have a number of suggested solutions courtesy of web resource Hints and Things.

Contributors to the site recommend citrus fruit peel, eucalyptus oil and chilli pepper powder, as well as wind chimes to scare the cats away.