Carrots can be sown until Junes end

Gardening enthusiasts who have yet to sow their carrots need not despair yet, according to sector commentator Carolyn Spray.

Writing in the online pages of the Sunday Mail, Ms Spay explains that they can be sown until the end of the month.

She makes her comments in response to a query from a gardener who has created a vegetable patch but not yet taken delivery of the soil.

Ms Spay suggests that all seeds can be started off in pots, before being transferred into the main plot when the soil is in place.

She also notes that peas come in early, second-early and maincrop varieties, suggesting that the concerned horticulturalist sows early ones, which only take around 11 to 12 weeks to grow.

The BBC suggests that carrots grow best in a sunny area that has fertile, sandy soil which is free from stones.

It also recommends that gardeners to not add manure to the earth as it makes it too rich for the seeds.