Caring for your Garden in Winter

As the winter season approaches, you will need to ensure that your garden is provided with plenty of care.
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There are several steps that you can take to ensure that your garden remains healthy during winter.

Dead plants, leaves and weeds can increase the risk of plant disease, so start caring for your garden by removing them from your lawns or paths. Use any dead leaves to create nutrient-rich compost that will be ready for you to use on your plants in the New Year.

Start planting your bulbs ready for the spring. The best time for planting spring bulbs is September – December, when the temperatures are lower but before the frost occurs.
Once you have obtained your bulbs, plant them as soon as possible in a suitable location. Consider growing your crops indoors or in a greenhouse to provide them with extra protection.

Remove any moss or dead grass that has collected in your garden over the summer period. Mow and feed your lawns to keep them healthy over the winter. If you have any wooden furniture on your lawns or patio, then move it indoors or use a cover to protect it from frost and damp.

To liven up your garden during the winter, increase wildlife activity by adding birdbaths, bird tables and bird feeders.
Avoid trimming hedges or bushes over the winter so that birds will be provided with shelter and berries for food during the cooler months.

Improve your greenhouse or conservatory over the winter by adding extra heating or lighting. Not only will this provide extra warmth and light for you but will also help to keep your plants at their best.
Add extra items such as smoke alarms or thermometers so that you can enhance the safety of your greenhouse or conservatory and check that the temperature is suitable for your plants.

If you have a garden pond, then this will need to be covered during the winter so that any fish you have are protected. You can obtain netting or another suitable garden pond cover from your local garden centre to prevent your garden pond from freezing over.
Ensuring that your pond is well covered will keep your fish safe and help to retain heat.

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