Capital prices affecting UK average

Londons effect on property figures may be more significant than originally imagined, it has been suggested.

New data from Chesterton Humbers showed top-end properties in the UK increased in value during June, while those at the bottom end fell.

The companys Poll of Polls found the average house price rose in England and Wales last month for the first time in more than a year.

Commenting, Mouseprice director Selwyn Lim suggested the difference between the top and bottom of the market could be down to residences in the capital out-performing the rest of the nation.

"Bearing in mind that London property is on average a lot more than the rest of the country, that could possibly be behind the discrepancy," he stated.

Mr Lim added it was difficult to judge prices in a falling market because sample sizes in polls are usually small due to a lack of transactions.

The uncertain nature of the market may see some decide to improve their current property with a conservatory or pool house, with the intention of riding things out until the situation returns to normal.