Camden residents to be taught about bird boxes

While humans can snuggle up inside their cosy houses during winter, the bat and bird residents of the garden can often have problems with cold-weather survival.

To help counteract this, Hampstead Parish Church is set to host an event teaching locals how to look out for the creatures.

Taking place tomorrow (Saturday November 21st) from 11:00 until 13:00 GMT, the free class will show attendees how to build bird and bat boxes.

As well as providing winter shelter, the boxes can provide safe nesting places in the spring for local bird species like blue tits, starlings and sparrows.

Camden Council revealed that bats are one of the most threatened types of mammal in the UK and also require a safe place to roost and hibernate during winter.

Attendees at the class will learn where to situate the boxes for maximum effect and how to keep an eye on the critters that live within.

Meanwhile, those taking part might also want to visit the Christmas market, which is taking place at the same site from 11:00 until 14:00.