Cambridge residents offered new gardening courses

Residents of Cambridge have been offered the chance to improve their gardening skills and their knowledge of how to use a greenhouse effectively.

A series of lessons are to be given at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens later this year to help local people develop their ability to look after their plants through the winter months.

Orchids and tender plants will be among those matters that resident greenhouse expert Rob Brett will provide growing hints.

He is set to educate attendees about plant maintenance – although the course is designed for people who already have some horticultural knowledge.

"Houseplants, Orchids and Tender Exotics is an ideal course for gardening enthusiasts who are struggling to care for their houseplants," a statement from its organisers explained.

Meanwhile, a few miles north-east of Cambridge, there is a 98-ace National Trust garden that is among the most spectacular in the region and provides green-fingered enthusiasts with an enviable array of gardening ideas, the Town Crier reports.