California greenhouse enthusiasts given tips

California garden and greenhouse fans have been given some growing tips for the month of February.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it is an ideal time to plant winter vegetables, but it may still be too wet to be trudging around the flower beds.

Wet soil compacts easily and this can restrict plant growth so it may be wise to wait until the earth has dried out a little before planting any seeds or saplings.

The newspaper has a number of features for garden and greenhouse fans, including one on raising seedlings and another on growing cacti without spines or needles.

It also advised growers not to spread manure on their lawns as it can salinate the soil to the point where it is actually detrimental to crops and grass.

Readers can also pick up tips on growing camellias from renowned horticulturist Lili Singer, who suggested that "decent drainage and mildly acid conditions usually makes them happy".

Meanwhile, the News and Advance has suggested that Virginia garden and greenhouse growers should head to the Central Virginia Gardening Conference on March 6th to pick up some growing tips.